For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God. – Rom 8:19

Change is never easy. Sometimes life circumstances force you to change—maybe you’ve received one too many speeding tickets and if you don’t change your driving habits, you’ll receive some unfavorable penalties. Sometimes you learn enough in life that you want to change—you’ve seen that false comforts just aren’t making you as happy as you thought.  And other times, you’re receiving enough that you’re able to and desire change to be more like Him.

When this happens, humility has caused you to realize that I can do all things with Him, and I can do nothing on my own.  You’ve killed all of your Uzziahs (read last week’s article if you missed it!) and you’re ready for a fresh encounter to fully re-adjust your viewpoint.

After King Uzziah died (Isaiah 6), Isaiah got some profound revelation.  He “saw the Lord,” which then allowed him to see himself through the glory of Heaven.  He looked up, then in, then out, then forward.  His prophecies rose to new heights once he started living from Heaven to earth.

What did Isaiah do that ushered in this atmosphere of Heaven?



It was nothing he did, really.  There is nothing you have to do to earn an encounter.  The Lord is consistently searching for people He can bless (2 Chr 16:9) and looks at the condition of your heart.  Isaiah made himself humble and hungry for the things of God, which filled God with compassion.

The priests were still in shock over the death of King Uzziah, but Heaven saw something different.  God took the initiative.  The train of His robe filled the temple (Isaiah 6:1) and Isaiah was overwhelmed.  This image parallels the filling of Isaiah’s body as a temple with the power of the Holy Spirit.

I remember being at a revival in Toronto. People stood in lines for hours to be healed and set free.  One man became so convicted that he ran to his car to burn his stash of porn videos. He couldn’t stand it anymore because Heaven was burning the hell out of him.  Pure Love penetrated his temple and changed him forever!

This man didn’t feel condemned.  Like Isaiah, he felt the love, trust, and fire of His loving Father.  They felt the incomprehensible kindness of God, inviting them into an upgrade, and as a result felt comfortable allowing Him to burn out the junk.  When we live a lifestyle of expectation, knowing there’s always more, we will be filled and then can spill out over all of creation from the overflow.

Are we seeing God filling His temple, or are we still trapped by disappointments of the old season? Could there be a greater manifestation of His glory once we see Him for who He is and recognize what He is doing?


After this, Isaiah sees angels (seraphim; chapters 2-4).  The seraphim had two wings hiding their faces, representing reverence and worship; two wings to hide their feet, a picture of the surrendered life, walking in your assignment; and two wings to fly, or work your God-given assignment. It was a representation of Heaven, upgrades, intimacy, and adoration.  All Isaiah can say is, “Holy, holy, holy” because he’s overwhelmed with the goodness of God.

This vision changed everything! Isaiah exclaimed that the whole earth is filled with the glory of God.  He is finally seeing the world how God sees it, and chooses to speak glory over creation instead of evil—the overflow of his emotions.  When heaven comes to earth, you begin to see glory everywhere—in your home, business, government—when all you saw before is gory.

Now you recognize the truth.  Speak what God speaks about you and possess it.  Make the “I am” statements about what I am now. That’s what Jesus did.  He got on fire for who He was, which made Him available for what God was about to do.  This brings a new anointing for the new assignment.


Isaiah reacts unexpectedly after experiencing the glory.  Instead of dancing and rejoicing, he says “I am doomed!” lamenting his sin and the sins of the people around him (verse 5).  When you see the brightest light, it exposes all those areas that need to be removed.  Isaiah saw those areas in his own life.  Now he can identify with his people rather than speaking through arrogance.

When wisdom exposes areas in your life that need to be eradicated, it releases beautiful freedom.  It may simply be that we are holding onto things from the past which aren’t necessarily bad things—but they become an idol in the next season since God wanted you to leave it behind.  Even comfort can become an obstacle when God is moving but we’re not moving with Him.

We can’t build alters around what God has done in the past.  I always start by confessing my sins and laying them at the cross.  Dealing with it rather than letting shame tell me I should cover it up.  Choose to throw overboard anything that isn’t necessary in this season.


After this, an angel touches Isaiah’s lips with a burning coal and his sins are forgiven (verses 6-7).  It changes what comes out of his mouth.  Isaiah truly cares now.  He has more authority since he loves and weeps over his people.  He becomes God’s mouthpiece and his prophecies shift.

There’s a coal for each one of us, too.  God wants to make you one of His burning children with a fire message.  The coal cleanses and burns love so you can be influential wherever He takes you.


This encounter also unblocked Isaiah’s ears and he can now hear the conversation between the Godhead in Heaven (verse 8). He responds, “Here I am! Send me!” He was willing to make himself available wherever God could use him.

God is about to do something new, meaning it’s never been done before.  That means I cannot operate in yesterday’s anointing.  Position yourself for the new wine and don’t be overwhelmed.  He’s looking for prophets who can see His glory.  Fill your temple with His robe.

This is the same robe that released Jesus’ healing power to the bleeding woman in Luke 8.  If you’ve been bleeding in any area of your life, touch the robe that’s filling your temple, and you will be healed.

How is God trying to encounter you today?