Ep. 65 Declaring God’s Promises For Your Life

Welcome back to Kingdom Family Talks. Over the last few weeks, Leif has shared how to rightly view God and each other. If you would like to review this conversation listen to the last podcast or read the latest blog. This week we continue this conversation so that you can See, Say and Seize the promises of God in your life.

“Sometimes, you speak into existence what you already see, and other times you begin to declare before you can see it. God said let there be light and then there was light. Kingdom matters will be settled through declaration because the word of God does not return void. I call it the stirring Spirit and the spoken word. When the Spirit stirs me I begin to speak and declare what God is saying. I speak to my mind, I speak to my body, and prophesy God’s promises to the giants I am facing. As I mentioned on the podcast, here are some I AM statements for you to declare over yourself. You can change the environment with declaration. The Truth, God’s truth, can and will set you free as you begin to declare what He says about you.” ~ Leif

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