Dreams Redeemed

By: Aaron & Nicole Simmons, Founders of Family Legacy Ministries

By: Aaron & Nicole Simmons, Founders of Family Legacy Ministries

Aaron & Nicole Simmons are Senior Leaders of Upper Room Worship Center in Tipp City, Ohio & Founders of Family Legacy Ministries. On September 10th, 2006, Aaron had a life transforming experience with God. The Father revealed Himself to Aaron and that revelation transformed him from atheist to revivalist! Since then, Aaron and Nicole have had a heart to bring Heaven to Earth and transform lives around them.

They are spiritual children of Leif and Jennifer Hetland and part of the Global Mission Awareness family.

You can learn more about their ministry at familylegacyonline.org and about their church at upperroomohio.com.

“Dreaming and faith are closely connected. Dreaming awakens faith that leads to hope. And, hope breathes life.”

Last week, Nicole asked me, “Is it even worth dreaming?” For a brief moment, it challenged me. Especially, after a year of trials, losses, and frustrations. Then, I was quickly reminded of all the things that we once dreamed of that are now a reality. For the next few minutes, I rattled off all the dreams the Lord had fulfilled and beyond. After that, Nicole said, “Yeah, you’re right. It is worth it.”

I am a born optimist and Nicole is a recovered pessimist. Dreaming is natural for me, yet challenging for her. Nicole would rather not dream and be surprised if a dream occurs, instead of dreaming and being let down when it isn’t fulfilled. I’m the opposite…dreaming is the opportunity for me to see beyond the current reality. Although we have had several “passionate conversations” on this, we agree God has created us to dream and healthily pursue dreams.

We understand this season has been difficult and many dreams have been delayed, lost, or stolen. We believe God is redeeming dreams. Song of Songs mentions winter passing and springtime arriving. In Ohio, we recently transitioned seasons from a very hard winter to spring. It feels similar to many aspects of the world this past year. Many of us would have wanted to skip this past season in various ways. However, winter is vital to our ecosystem. In autumn, seeds drop, leaves fall and our landscape changes drastically. Then, through winter, everything appears dead. In contrast, this is actually where life is beginning. The seeds that fell are working their way into the soil by freezing and thawing. The leaves decompose into the soil as vital nutrients for new life to come. Well, winter is past and springtime is here! We declare that what you thought was dead or pointless in the last season, becomes vital nutrients and life in this next season.

Dreaming and faith are closely connected. Dreaming awakens faith that leads to hope. And, hope breathes life. Dreaming isn’t dishonoring or discontentment, it is simply activating our faith, hope, and imagination. We get to live in a realm where we continually hunger and thirst for more of God while being content. If memories are greater than our dreams, part of us is already dead. Simply, dreaming is partnering with God in adoration and as we delight in Him, He honors the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4).

It’s time to dream again! It’s time for dead things to come back to life. And, it’s time for your dreams, hopes, and faith to come back to life. It’s time that dreams are redeemed! Dream and dream big. Ask anything, and watch as God will do it (John 14:14). If you can think it or dream it, God can do it…AND BEYOND!!! 

“God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!”

Ephesians 3:20 (MSG)

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