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It is a privilege to be alive at a time where the gospel of the Kingdom is having such global impact. Leif Hetland and GMA is one of the world's most important ministries, as he powerfully impacts some of the darkest spiritual strongholds on earth. Truly the name of Jesus is held in highest honor through this man. It's an honor to partner with Leif. It's an honor to call him friend.

Bill Johnson
Bethel Church | Redding, CA

I have spoken at many conferences with many other speakers and Leif Hetland stands among the best speakers I have ever heard. He is doctrinally and biblically orthodox. He has a burning passion for missions and it is contagious. He has a beautiful spirit, humble heart, and servant attitude. He ministers powerfully in impartation, having received a powerful impartation himself which was instrumental in accomplishing his ministry.

Randy Clark
Global Awakening | Mechanicsburg, PA

In my 54 years of ministry I have never known or esteemed anyone higher in the Kingdom work than I do the young evangelist, Leif Hetland. This wonderful Norwegian-American has confirmed his love for God, his commitment to the gospel, and his obedience to follow the Holy Spirit, in incredible submission.

Charles Carrin
Charles Carrin Ministries | Boynton Beach, FL

There are a few precious people in life that leave an impression of God's heart on you. Leif is one of these. His ministry is an unveiling of the wonder working power of unconditional love. I cannot think of anyone who can stir the depths of your hunger far more than Leif. It is my honor to call him my friend and my pleasure to recommend his ministry!

Danny Silk
Bethel Church | Redding, CA

This commendation of Leif Hetland and GMA is both personal and passionate. The reasons? First, Leif and Jennifer are our children in the faith. Second, my precious wife, Friede, is a product of his spiritual influence. Third, I have witnessed first hand his awesome anointing in ministering to the nations. Fourth, he has proved himself as a man of the Spirit with passion for the lost, least and last and integrity with his fellow man. Fifth, he is resilient in His walk with God that has taken him through loss and turbulence. Sixth, because he respectfully honors me as his papa.

Dr. Jack Taylor
Dimensions Ministries | Melbourne, FL