Ep. 149 – Missionary & Millionaire feat. Leanne Goff

You are in for a treat with this week’s podcast!

Leif had the honor of interviewing a beloved spiritual daughter, Leanne Goff, about her new book Missionary & Millionaire: Transforming Cultures as Priests and Kings. 

Other children may have dreamed of becoming a lawyer doctor or teacher, but Leanne desired to be a missionary. Her desire has always been to help people all over the world experience the kindness of God. 

In 2003, Leanne visited the Toronto Outpouring and had a life transforming encounter with the Lord that caused her to ask Jesus to teach her to be a daughter! After starting her journey of daughtership, Leanne met Leif who challenged her to make money work for her, that she was not meant to work for money. This was her encouragement to move into a spirit of abundance. 

In this podcast Leif and Leanne discuss how we were meant to be kings and priests. The pulpit does not have to be separate from the office. We can be and do both! It is the kings that shift culture and make decrees. When you know who God has called you to be and allow the misconceptions to fall to the wayside, it enables you to step into your destiny and watch the kingdom of heaven touch the Earth through your life.

We pray that you are encouraged by this podcast!

To learn more about Leanne’s book visit www.leannegoffministries.org/store!