Ep. 157 – Fully Surrendered

God is looking for laid-down sons and daughters; those who are ready to say “Here I am”. He’s given an invitation to the lovers to put themselves in the offering basket to be spent any way He desires. 

We are living in a culture where the Body of Christ has become very concerned with the speck in her brother’s eye without first removing the log out of her own eye. It is critical that we first address what’s happening in our own hearts, allowing the Holy Spirit to search us, instead of accusing our brothers and sisters of their own. There is a great illustration of this in Isaiah chapter six. The prophet Isaiah is full of judgment and condemnation towards his people until he sees the Lord, high and lifted up. This revelation of the Lord radically shifted his perspective, leading him to first recognize and address the plank in his own eye. Once he dealt with his own issue, his ears were open to hear the conversation of heaven and Isaiah couldn’t help but throw himself into the offering basket.

Perhaps some of you are like me and have answered this call in the past, but need to renew your vows. For some of you this may be a moment to come back into alignment; keeping the main thing the main thing. For others, this will be your first time to answer this invitation from the Lord. May this message both encourage and provoke your heart to see the Lord high and exalted and place yourself on the altar–to live fully surrendered.