Ep. 163 – Living at the Center of Eternity

If I had the time, I would take you on a journey from eternity past to eternity future. Meaning, let’s go all the way back to the beginning. Genesis 1:1 starts off by saying, “In the beginning was God.” So we see from the very first sentence that it all begins with God and ends with God. I don’t know about you, but that makes me excited. But in the middle of the two eternities, we need the proper perspective to run well and accomplish the things that are in Papa God’s heart. There is a Kingdom alignment taking place for the Kingdom assignment. But before the assignment, we need to have the proper alignment. And the things that are out of alignment, He is putting back into its place. Even some of the shakings that are taking place right now are connected to the eternal story.

We need the original blueprint of what God intended from the beginning. And if not, then we’d just have a Gospel where we are trying to create our own blueprint. This is the question I want to ask and help you answer in this message: What is the model of Heaven, and what does that look like on Earth in practicality? Including in our homes and businesses? If we do not have the proper blueprint, we cannot get the very Kingdom template– meaning how the King sees everything else, and we will be working and building in our own strength because we do not have a clear vision. 

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