Ep. 169 – What Will It Take To Fulfill The Great Commission?

I am living in the city of Atlanta, the place Coca-Cola was founded in 1892. And I’ve realized that in the last 132 years, that this company had a mission, and that was to bring this sweet drink into the hands of every person in the world. I have been in the jungle of Congo. I’ve been with the taxi driver in Pakistan. I have been all over the world, and they know about Coca-Cola but have never heard the name of Jesus. So if it took Coca-Cola less than 150 years to take its product into all the world, why is it that after 2,000 years, over 40% of the entire world population still has little to no access to the Gospel, and over 1.7 billion people have never once heard the name of Jesus? We don’t have a money issue but a heart issue. I believe the biggest reason is because we have been distracted. The enemy has distracted us from making the main thing the main thing. So the reason there is a lot of darkness is because a lack of light. And we only spend fifty cents out of every hundred dollars that goes to missions to be able to invest light into the darkest places in the world, including Hamas and those places. What would it look like if this became higher in our priority? If Coca-Cola can do it, we can do it as the Church. Open up your eyes, the harvest is ripe. They are waiting and we are coming.

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