EP 49- Ambassador of Love

Welcome back to Kingdom Family Podcast! This week we are connecting with Leif after his trip to Pakistan. One of the greatest honor’s of Leif’s life is being known as an Ambassador of Love. Nearly every place that Leif travels he is called by this title, whether that be in Christian streams and churches or while engaging with people of other religions and beliefs, the love of Jesus that flows through his life is evident to all those who meet him.

That is why we felt this podcast would be so instrumental to our family of families. We get questions all the time from people wondering how they too, can become ambassadors of love to their area of influence.┬áIn this podcast Leif will share the adventure of growing in the Father’s love, power, and wisdom and share the keys he’s received so that we can all experience an upgrade of love in our lives.

Thank you for listening, praying you all have an incredible blessed week and that you encounter HIS love like never before!