Ep. 62 Living Refreshed with Michelle and Greg Haswell

Welcome to Kingdom Family Talks. In this episode, Leif and his dear friends Greg and Michelle Haswell sit down to discuss how leaders can lead without burning out. What do you do when you are spiritually strong but you are emotionally depleted? After 30 years of church leadership, Greg and Michelle share practical tools to strengthen every individual as they lead in their sphere of influence.

“Jesus never intended for us to be destroyed by the call of God on our lives.” ~ Greg Haswell

Michelle’s newest book release Living Refreshed: Empowering women with tools for leadership is also an excellent resource to encourage, exhort, and remind us all of how important it is to lead well. Michelle is teaching others to lead and love just like Jesus, glorifying the Father. To burn brightly without burning out!  Buy Michelle’s book on Amazon.

“Jesus never called us to burn out but to live in rest.” ~ Michelle Haswell


To connect with Greg and Michelle Haswell visit their website haswellministries.com

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