Ep.66 Becoming An Eagle Christian

Welcome to Kingdom Family Talks, this podcast is episode one of a three-part series on Becoming An Eagle Christian. 

Eagles, known as the king of the air, have played a significant role in our society, often used as a symbol of power in the government as well a the spiritual significance of being mentioned over 30 times in the bible.

Why are eagles so important and what does it mean to be an eagle Christian? The ways of God can be learned through the life of an eagle. As Leif takes you through the school of the eagles you will learn:

  • how to soar with God in the heavenlies
  • how to live a lifestyle of daily renewal
  • how to be centered in love with wings of power and wisdom

Be sure to follow this series, the next podcast in this series entitled The School of the Eagles, will be released February 18th and will help you have the freedom to stop surviving and start soaring!

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