Ep. 68 You Were Born To Soar

Welcome to Kingdom Family Talks, in episode 68 Leif Hetland finishes the series on Becoming an Eagle Christian. If you missed the first couple of sessions, you can listen here.

God is inviting us to stop struggling and to start soaring! 

When you see there’s a storm and opposition coming into your life, do you see that as an invitation for you to soar higher, to soar faster? Or are you running away from the storm?

Your answer is an indicator if you have tapped into the very eagle nature that is in each one of us.  I do believe this is why the scripture over and over again calls us to be like an eagle, to soar like an eagle, to be swift as an eagle and to be renewed like an eagle.

This is my invitation in this podcast.

I want you to be able to come up higher, to soar with God and find your place in the eagle’s nest.

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