Ep. 78 – Kingdom Finance feat. Gary Keesee

Welcome back to Kingdom Family Talks. In this episode, you’ll get to know my friend of 20 years, Gary Keesee, and learn about the resources of Heaven. Gary shares his personal story of how he was faced with great debt and no hope of relief.

He had an encounter with the Father who began teaching him Kingdom principles about his finances. Within 2 years Gary had paid off several hundred thousand dollars of debt. Now Gary and his wife Drenda pastor a church, as well as host several TV series teaching Kingdom truths regarding faith, family, and finances. Let me say this very clearly–until you fix the money thing you will never find or discover your created purpose.

“As long as your decisions are wrapped around financial survival, you will never discover God’s purpose for your life.” (excerpt from the book, Money Mysteries from the Master)


Learn more about Gary Keesee here –> https://www.garykeesee.com/


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