EP 45- God Has A Purpose For You Feat Friede Taylor

From my spiritual daughter to my spiritual mom, Friede Taylor has been a huge part of my life for many years. Her story is one that truly humbles me every time I hear it as it is full of some of the most painful circumstances and yet full of abundant hope and joy. Friede’s life shouts God’s faithfulness and every conversation is on the topic of God’s goodness and kindness.

I believe this podcast will be incredibly impactful, especially in the times we are living in with depression, suicide, and other hard circumstances happening all around us. God wants His children to learn how to grieve in a heavenly way and to walk in healing and Friede gives us insight on how Jesus changed her life and helped her walk in wholeness. Friede shares her incredible journey from Hitler’s Germany to the Cross of Christ and Beyond (which is also the title of her amazing book) and reminds us that God has a purpose for us through it all!

To purchase Friede’s book click this link: https://www.amazon.com/Hitlers-Germany-Cross-Christ-Beyond-ebook/dp/B01MEERMOE

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