Ep. 61 Living A Life With No Regrets

Welcome back to our podcast, Kingdom Family Talks. In this episode, Leif finishes the fourth session in The Inheritance Series drawing once again from the life of the prophet Elisha in 2 Kings 13. Elisha is nearing the end of his life and the king of Israel comes to him in grief. Israel had been oppressed by Syria for many years but now God, feeling compassion for His people, was ready to deliver them. Elisha had the king declare victory over the Syrians with the prophetic act of releasing arrows and striking the ground. The king only did what was needed to receive his victory rather than ensuring victory for the generations. Do you think the king regretted not being more persistent in ensuring a victory with longevity?

Are you living your life with no regrets? I want to live my life in such a way that I glorify His name by accomplishing all that God has called me to do (John 17:4).

As God calls us to “strike the ground” and slay the “giants” in our own life lets ensure the victory is not only for our generation but for our children’s children.

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