God’s Unlikely Vessels

Have you ever been desperate for a breakthrough in your life?  There have been so many moments in my life when I’ve prayed, “Papa God, if you would just change my situation, I know my life would be much better.”  I remember years ago when I was at a revival service and God was moving powerfully during the ministry time. People were lined up around the room, waiting to receive personal ministry from the preacher.  I was desperate for breakthrough and wanted to receive ministry too. When there were only a handful of people in front of me waiting for prayer, a young girl around the age of 14 asked if she could pray for me. I thought to myself, “How can I refuse this young girl?”  

While she was praying for me, I kept thinking of the preacher and was determined to receive my impartation from him.  As the young girl continued to pray, I felt overwhelmed by God’s presence and fell to the floor. While I was on the floor, the preacher walked right past me and continued to minister to the people in line behind me.  I didn’t realize the anointing the young girl was carrying was exactly what I needed.

 Have you had a similar experience?  Maybe you didn’t realize the anointing of the person sitting next to you in that conference or the simple prayer from a child carried as much authority as the seasoned preacher.  So often we feel we need to receive from the person with the microphone but what if the “young girl” is the one carrying your breakthrough?

 I love the story where Jehu was anointed King in 2 Kings 9.  Here we see how God used an ordinary person to change the trajectory of a nation.  At this time, Elijah had already given Elisha his mantle and a double-portion of the anointing that he carried.  Elisha, rather than carrying the word of the Lord says to one of the sons of the prophet, “Take this flask of oil go to Ramoth Gilead and find Jehu.  Once you find him take him away from his companions and pour the oil on his head and declare him king over Israel.” (paraphrase 2 Kings 9:2-3).

 Imagine this young man running several miles to Ramoth Gilead.  He bursts into a meeting where all the generals were discussing a solution to defeat Jezebel and her husband King Ahab. They were a wicked stronghold in the nation.  I can’t help but think how intimidating it would have been to walk into a meeting with all of the war heroes of that time. Not only did the young prophet interrupt the meeting, but he also needed to request a private audience with the commander so he could fulfill the prophecy given by Elisha.  Jehu agreed to meet with the young prophet and the word of the Lord was fulfilled. 

Now, imagine Jehu was walking back into the meeting where his captains were waiting, totally drenched in oil.  One of the captains said to Jehu, “Is everything okay? What did this mad man say to you?” At first, Jehu hesitates, struggling for the words he explains to them he was just anointed King over Israel.  The story continues and eventually all of Jehu’s enemies join his army to help defeat the wickedness in their land.

Turnaround anointingI was encouraged when I first read the story of Jehu being anointed as king.  Jehu experienced a turnaround in his life because of the young prophet’s obedience.  The young prophet was an unlikely vessel whom God used to bring breakthrough to an entire nation. I believe there are 3 key takeaways from this inspiring story about Jehu that can help you experience a turnaround in your life:

1.  If God gives you something to do, go for it even if you don’t know the outcome. The young prophet’s obedience changed the atmosphere and gave courage to an army!

2.  God will often use unlikely vessels for your breakthrough.  It may be the person sitting next to you rather than the person on the stage. 

3.  Spend time in God’s Presence! When Jehu was anointed with oil to be king over Israel, he found his destiny and received his strategy to defeat the enemy. 

 I don’t know what you are going through, or what area of your life needs a turnaround, but I do know that just like in the story of Jehu that obedience, courage and one moment in God’s Presence can change everything.  If you would like to hear more about the Turnaround Anointing and what happened after Jehu was anointed king, listen to my podcast here.