Growing in Favor

First things first, God loves everyone! There’s no question that God loves all of His children but have you ever noticed someone who seems to be just doused in favor? Have you read some of the stories throughout the bible where you’ve seen normal men have extraordinary lives because of God’s favor? Although we are all equally loved there are people who walk with a different level of favor which causes us to ask a few questions. What is it that brings favor? Are there different kinds of favor? What can I do to increase in favor?

What I’ve noticed is that there are different types of favor. Some people have favor with God. Some have favor with man. Then there are some who have what I like to call uncommon favor, which means favor with both God and man.

Many of us would love to know the exact formula to walking in a high level of favor. I think every believer longs for an increase in favor with God and with man. I do not have all of the answers, however, I know that it is God’s delight to give favor to His children. And though there are times that God’s favor is given out sovereignly, I do believe there are ways that we can increase favor in our lives. Here are a few ways that I’ve seen people receive an upgrade in their favor account.

  • Focusing on becoming the best you and pursuing the calling on your life increases  favor. God longs to do life with the you He created, and not the you that feels like they’re not enough and has to become someone else.
  • Doing everything unto the Lord brings favor into your life. When you practice excellence in all you do, excellence will begin to manifest around you. Whether you are stewarding the “one talent” or the “five” the point is to steward it all with excellence.
  • Listening to the Father’s voice above any other temptation or circumstance will increase favor in your life. If He can trust you with the small things, He can trust you with more.

As long as you are found faithfully serving the Lord with your whole heart, mind, and strength, His favor will follow you. I encourage you to pursue God first and watch as His favor surrounds you.

If you’d like to hear my conversation with Kayleigh Dahman on uncommon favor, click this link: and listen to our podcast on this topic.

Much love,