5 Reasons We Are Committed to Healthy Kingdom Family

By: Fred & Pat Bruner

By: Fred & Pat Bruner

Fred and Pat Bruner are Apostolic Leaders and Elders of Hope Church in Casper, WY.

Wherever we travel and speak about healthy Kingdom family, we are often asked why Global Mission Awareness focuses so much on being a Kingdom family of families. Have you ever noticed how popular the term “family” is when groups want to describe their culture? Sports teams, schools, businesses, and even social organizations use it. “Family” has become a buzzword! Every group today seems to believe it’s a good thing to be known as a family and that they are a good example of a family.

Why is that? We believe it’s because even non-church groups realize a world full of broken families has left people longing for belonging in healthy relationships.

Most people think it’s wonderful that a business or organization sees itself as “family,” those same people often cringe and want to run when the church identifies as a Kingdom Family culture. In fact, when a church builds a Kingdom Family culture, it isn’t always a church-growth strategy!

So, if “Kingdom Family” doesn’t result in church-growth, why is it our model for ministry? Easy answer: it was Jesus’ model. If our assignment is to bring Heaven to earth, Heaven’s model must also be our model. Only God’s model will accomplish His purposes of revealing His heart through his family. We have to follow God’s model to complete our assignment.

Below are five examples of the power of heaven’s model when the church becomes His family on earth:

  • Kingdom Family lived God’s way is the birthing place of God’s strategy for bringing Heaven to earth. He wants a family that lives from love, not for love.
  • Kingdom Family lived God’s way is the birthing place of Heaven’s culture on earth. God’s heart is that healthy Kingdom Families would continue to model and reproduce the culture of honor and love experienced among the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, each preferring and honoring the other.
  • Kingdom Family lived God’s way is the birthing place of belonging. Jesus was born into a family, not as a loner. Healthy Kingdom families create safe places for belonging, before behaving, based on who our Father is, not based on what we do or what we agree upon.
  • Kingdom Family lived God’s way is the birthing place of identity. In a Healthy Kingdom family, we learn through grace and mercy to be able to relax into love and understand that correction is not rejection, because we already have an A+ from God. We live from our identity as sons and daughters, whom the Father loves as much as He loves Jesus.
  • Kingdom Family lived God’s way is the birthing place of destiny. We are a family about our Father’s business. We are a family with a mission and on a mission that our Father has prepared for us before the foundation of the earth. As His sons and daughters, it’s our honor to know Him and make Him known, filling the whole earth with His glory.

No wonder there has been such resistance against family!

To learn more about Kingdom Family, click here to watch Leif’s new YouTube message!

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