Jesus is the way to Sonship


The orphan spirit is rampant in the church and the world today, causing chaos and destruction. There is an answer to this orphan spirit, which is the spirit of adoption and the spirit of Sonship. Father God is waiting for His sons and daughters to understand who they are, and be the co-heirs He created them to be. The most perfect example of a son knowing his true identity, position, and inheritance was Jesus.

Jesus left His Heavenly home to be born on the earth as a man, leaving His Father and His godly nature behind. As a child, He was raised for a time in Egypt, having escaped Herod’s mass execution in His earthly home. As he began His ministry, He was continually on the move with His disciples going from town to town and being unwelcome in many places. He had no earthly home, yet He never felt the sting and pain of the orphan spirit because He was constantly with His Father.

Jesus said in John 3:13, “No one has ascended to heaven, but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of man who is in heaven.” Jesus, of all men, did not have an orphan spirit, for He never really left the presence of His Father. He was at home wherever He happened to be physically, because He and His Father never lost the connection…not until He took our sins upon the cross. There He partook of the orphan spirit when He cried out in anguish, “Father, why have You forsaken Me?” Only then did Jesus experience the pain of the orphan spirit, as He died to bring us back to a relationship with our Father.

Now we can come back home to the Eden Father created for us and we can live from Heaven, instead of toward Heaven.

I recommend reading my book Healing the Orphan Spirit so that you can step into the fullness of the spirit of Sonship!