Ep.1 – Introduction (feat. Leif Hetland)

Welcome to the Global Mission Awareness Podcast, Kingdom Family Talks!

This podcast is a behind the scenes look at Leif Hetland and Global Mission Awareness. We invite you into a more relational connection into what Leif’s heart is, and how he stewards that around the world and at home. On the podcast we will discuss various trips that Leif and the team go on, as well as everyday conversations, and any particular words or revelations Leif feels he needs to share.

This is episode 1 featuring President and Founder of GMA, Leif Hetland, Media Manager Daniel Turner and Partner Coordinator Allessia Edwards. Enjoy!


  1. Bob Colver on September 1, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    Hi Leif, We met In Murfreesboro, TN in 2012 with Randy, Tom & Steve. I became your partner and traveled to Cuba to see you New Years 2013 with your 2 friends from Norway. Holy Spirit completed prophecies of the End Times from 1896 vision of Theodur Herzl, Father of Modern Israel on Valentine’s Day 1987 to 2-14-48 anointing Latter Rain Movement Canada, to 2-14-2000 revelation from Moravian Falls, NC with Bob Jones, Rick Joyner and Bobby Connor, 3 seasons of 52 years confirmed by my transportation to Israel to see Nehemiah 2:1-3, 2:14, 2:11-18 vision.
    Bob Jones Glory Train “Wabash Cannonball” 1 Billion Souls from his Death 2-14-2014 to 9-30-2017 Yom Kipper, the Triumphal Restoration of the Jewish People & the Church as One New Man from Bobby Connor prophecy to me in San Antonio and again 2-14-2015 in Moravian Falls The Gathering Church. Thank you your wisdom and understanding in the Love of Messiah/ Jesus Yeshua. Bless you Leif, Jennifer & Family
    Bob Colver Zion Watchman on the Wall

  2. Mark Borseth on September 1, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Thanks for sharing your journey, Leif. You have been a great influence on my life and ministry, and I look forward to future podcasts.

  3. Susan Krupa on September 2, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    Leif, my husband and I really enjoyed hearing about your childhood! It was interesting and encouraging to realize that someone with a simple beginning like we were blessed with (married parents with large families growing up in a peaceful New England town after World War II) has been used so mightily by the Lord.

    Remarkably, my Bible Study with my church here in Augusta, Georgia (where we have moved for Joe’s job), is reading “Hosting the Presence,” by Bill Johnson. I have just read the line, “Living with the continual awareness of Him has got to be a supreme goal for anyone who understands the privilege of hosting Him (the Dove.)”

    Last night Joe and I watched your video on YouTube entitled “The Resting Place.” In it you mentioned you had found yourself outside the anointing about 11 times in 3 days.

    My question is this, Leif: Teach me to pray.

    When you find yourself outside the Presence, what are the words you say to bring the presence of God back into your life and upon you?
    We have watched several of your videos, including “Healing the Orphan Spirit,” and I’ve noticed you look up to heaven and say lovely things like, “You are beautiful. You are wonderful. You are holy, O Lord…”

    Interestingly, the power of God comes right through the Internet (Glory to God for His might and power!), and I get caught up so quickly into His
    presence I really don’t hear anything else you say…because the presence of God comes into our room and envelopes my husband and myself.

    I am so easily frightened (a very long story!) that my 1st feeling after watching “The Rest Place,” was fear that the Dove would leave and not return to me.

    Leif, would you please be so kind as to write down some of the words that you use to usher in the Presence of God? Perhaps you could use a little hand-held recorder for a few days and record what the Holy Spirit puts on your heart to usher in His Presence. Then perhaps a staff member could type these words up to teach us.

    Like the Apostles asked Jesus and He gave them the Lord’s Prayer,
    I ask you, Leif, “Teach me how to pray.”

    Thanks for all you do for our beloved Lord. God’s blessing on you, your dear family, and your ministry.

    With love and prayers, Sue Krupa

    P.S. Please ask your staff to e-mail me whenever you have the opportunity to address this question, Leif, and I will be sure to listen to your podcast and take notes.