EP 47- Leif Hetland Convergence ’19

Hello Kingdom Family!

Welcome back to Kingdom Family Talks. On this weeks episode we are sharing the Thursday night session from Convergence ’19 featuring our own, Leif Hetland. We here at GMA cherish our Kingdom Family Gatherings as they are a time to come around the family table, lift one another up, and enjoy the presence of Papa together. Our desire is to bring the audio from a few of these sessions to you so that you too can receive the precious gifts that were deposited at Convergence ’19 last month.

During this session Leif shares his heart about Convergence and what it looks like to reign in life as sons and daughters who are full of love, power, and wisdom.

We pray you enjoy this podcast and receive an upgrade in your identity as you listen!

P.S. Next week we will be featuring the momma of this movement, Jennifer Hetland,  as she shares about “Jesus in the Normal” so be sure to stay connected!