You don’t need a position or power to change the world

In this series, I’m exploring some of the primary misconceptions we believe about love. To watch the free class I did on this, feel free to watch it here!

I often say that honor is what love looks like. Through the practice of honor and the language of love, we gain authority over that which we love. What does that mean?

Love is the vehicle through which we are able to re-present heaven on earth. As we honor the value of each person through the lenses of love, we give people a taste of what is to come. The challenge for us is that we live in a world full of opportunities to dishonor people.

How is this connected to influence? In a culture of conflict and opinion, we can easily move to a place where we seek conformity and control as we become critics of the place we were called to shape and change. The misconception is that we are able to influence and change environments based on the fact that we are right or have a better perspective or method.

We think that authority is based on agreement or position rather than understanding that we have authority over that which we love and serve.

I have heard many people say things like ‘when I get that promotion’ or ‘once I have paid off my debt’ or ‘if only that person would step out of the way’ as excuses for not being able to influence the environment around them.

For over 20 years, I have had the assignment of re-presenting love in some of the darkest places in the world. Many times I have been the lowest ranked person in the room, have had minimal resources and or am facing opposition. The one weapon that has never failed me is honor. When I choose to engage with someone by honoring who God says they are rather than what the world says about them, I can almost guarantee a shift in the atmosphere.

Honor changes environments because honor is what love looks like.

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As we embody love, we step into a level of authority that brings transformation. We become empowered to bypass obstacles and experience breakthrough because we are engaging with a language that all cultures and people understand.

You may not find yourself in a life or death situation today but you may be facing a different situation where loving through honor is your weapon of warfare. Perhaps you have been met with opposition at work with a superior or are challenged with conflict in a relationship in your family.

Take a moment today to ask the Holy Spirit how you can influence that situation with love.

Ask Him to give you a revelation of how you can re-present love by honoring your enemy in a way that will bring about transformation. Perhaps it’s a simple note or email speaking over their destiny or taking the time to recognize them for their contribution. I guarantee you that your ability to transforms environments will begin to grow as you engage love as your motivation and honor as your weapon.

PS) Again, this is a series inspired by a recent class I taught on Lies We Believe About Love. Watch it for free for a limited time here.

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