What you do doesn’t make you valuable

In this series, I’m exploring some of the primary misconceptions we believe about love. To watch the free class I did on this, feel free to watch it here!

Have you ever been in a conversation at a gathering and as you meet someone new they ask that infamous question of “what do you do with yourself?”

I often find myself in a similar situation on airplanes! Not long after I have settled in to my seat, a familiar conversation with the person next to me begins with “so what do you do?” Bearing in mind that I am often on a very long flight, my response can vary depending on my energy level or whether I am feeling slightly introverted that day (just being honest)!

The reality is that the world looks to visible and tangible signs to define who we are in order to place a label on us. It is with this label that the accompanying value is often assigned. If I respond on the plane that I am a minister of the gospel I can guarantee I will get a different reaction to if I responded that I am a CEO of a non-profit organization or an author and a speaker.

It is easy to get drawn into the value system of the world where our value is prescribed based on what we do.

Our need to feel valued and our need to feel loved is very real. In fact it is connected to the essence of who we are and why we were created – for relationship. In this value system many people are looking for ways to earn and find love and acceptance because the world tells us that it is what we do that makes us who we are.

The kingdom truth is that we are first and foremost sons and daughters of God who have a place in the Father’s house. It is from this place of identity that we are called to to do what we do.

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We don’t become something because we have done something but rather, our identity from God determines the motivation and the position from which we operate.

The world prescribes that I do, therefore I have, therefore I become/am.

The kingdom position determines that I am, therefore I have, therefore I do.

When we understand and receive our value from God, we are connected to the source of love and become motivated from that position. It would be difficult for me to step into some of the places and situations I am called to without knowing the value the Father has for me. I already have His approval and from a place of being rooted and grounded in His love, I am compelled by that same love to do what I do.

When I pray for someone to be healed, share the gospel for the first time in an unreached region or simply extend love through an act of generosity, I do not fear failure because I already know my value. I have heard my friend Bill Johnson quote that “if you don’t live by the praises of people, you won’t die by their criticisms!”

How do we get traction with this today? Try this…

Look in the mirror each morning and declare that “today, I am, therefore I have, therefore I do. It is who I am that makes me valuable today not what I do.”

Take a moment as I do at the end of each day to replay your day and ask the Holy Spirit to highlight any area that you felt pressure to perform for value rather than just rest in His pleasure and be you.

PS) Again, this is a series inspired by a recent class I taught on Lies We Believe About Love. Watch it for free for a limited time here!