The Power Of I AM

By: Leif Hetland
By: Leif Hetland

President & CEO

“The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” 

-Proverbs 18:21

There is life and death in the power of the tongue. What is in your heart comes out of your mouth.

The most powerful words in the universe are “I AM.” What you place after them will decide whether you are setting yourself up for victory or defeat.  It will lead you to either struggle or soar.

In Exodus 3, Moses had gotten out of Egypt and ended up in the wilderness. He had been qualified in Pharaoh’s house, but once he became disqualified, God called him out.

He wasn’t feeling like he had a lot of “I AM” phrases. Rather than being focused on who God was saying He was, he was fixated on who he was not. God corrected him. God told Moses to tell Pharoah “I AM sent you. I am that I am” and that was the most powerful thing he could say.I AM is a covenant name of a covenant keeping God. Who does God say that you are? Our words are powerful.

Your words can make or break someone’s day.

Your words can encourage and inspire.

Your words can lead someone to not give up.

Your words can lead to funerals, or, by capturing the very identity of I AM, they can create resurrections.

Here are a few things God says about us…

I AM one with His victory; therefore His victory is my victory

I AM one with Him in His authority; therefore all things are under my feet because they are under His feet

I AM who He says I am

Wow! Good news!

Learn what God says about you and align your “I AM” statements with what He says about you even if it’s different than what you feel. If you don’t know what He says about you, ask Him! We have access to the Father and the Father delights in speaking identity to his children.
Watch how your life transforms as you make His declarations, your declarations.

Congratulations, your “I AM” upgrade is confirmed!

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