The Spirit of Adoption

By Leif Hetland

By Leif Hetland

“And you did not receive the “spirit of religious duty,” leading you back into the fear of never being good enough. But you have received the “Spirit of full acceptance,” enfolding you into the family of God. And you will never feel orphaned, for as he rises up within us, our spirits join him in saying the words of tender affection, “Beloved (Abba) Father!” For the Holy Spirit makes God’s fatherhood real to us as he whispers into our innermost being, “You are God’s beloved child!””

– Romans 8:15-17 TPT

Romans 8:15 says, “For you have not received the spirit of slavery again to fear. But you have received the Spirit of adoption, by whom we cry, ‘Abba, Father.'”

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves if we really know that we have a good Father in heaven. Often, the emotional trauma caused by the betrayal, abandonment and infidelity of our earthly fathers blinds us to the reality of our wonderful heavenly Father who is always calling those who have gone astray.

Being the byproduct of a dysfunctional family may make it difficult for some people to understand the concept of a good father. We, too, often have the attitude of a servant, even though we have been fully accepted and welcomed into our Father’s house. All He has is ours. Operating from this belief exposes that we do not really know the heart of our Father. In order to know His true nature, we must spend time in His presence.

If any of my children walk into my house, they know they are welcome to anything in my fridge. They don’t ask or hesitate or feel self-conscious. They know that whatever belongs to their father also belongs to them.

In the same way, Papa God has adopted us as His sons and daughters. Therefore, we have access to everything that belongs to Him. We are the only ones who stand in the way of our inheritance, and we do this when we disqualify ourselves from what rightfully belongs to us as a result of our adoption.

You are a beloved son or daughter, adopted as an heir to the King. This is not a position you are working toward but a place from which you get to live now.

I challenge you to speak this declaration over yourself every day for the next 30 days.


I am not an orphan. I am a son (or daughter).

I am not a slave. I am a son (or daughter)!

All that You have is mine. You are my loving Father.

There is nothing I can do that can take Your love from me.

There is nothing I can do to make You love me.

It is not about doing. You love me because I am yours!

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