Global Mission Awareness: Touching Lives and Transforming Nations through Love.

Leif Hetland

Ambassador of Love

Welcome to the new Global Mission Awareness website! I am so glad that you “stopped” by for a visit. My prayer is that your visit here will be informative, inspiring and encouraging.

Take a look at our calendar and see if there is a mission trip calling your name! See what God is doing locally and globally. Stop by our store, check out our ministry opportunities and join us on an adventure.

2016 is upon us and we want our focus to be on all that God is doing in the world. The news shows us enough of what is going wrong in our world and we want to be part of changing that image! Global Mission Awareness is about family and as families we are touching the families of the world. Join us in being the change you want to see. “Christ in you is the hope of glory! The danger of this kind of thinking is that it can lead to dancing!”