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I am excited that you are considering joining this movement of world-changers as we raise up an army of partners who would help carry this mantle as family. Your partnership will make a difference in the lives of millions.

The Power of Partnership

Through the power of the Father’s love, we are seeing nations transformed and world-changers awakened. Over 20 years we have seen one million names added to the Lamb’s book of life, but this is just the beginning! I have a dream to see a one billion soul harvest and 100 nations transformed by the love of God in my generation. I believe that the Kingdom of God will only be revealed through the power of relationship and family.

Kingdom Partners

Kingdom Partners help to resource, equip and mobilize the family of families to reach the least, last and lost. These resources fund our projects in Pakistan and Cuba, assist with administration and help support our network of ministries and missionaries among the 22 nations represented in the GMA family. It may look like sowing into Christian businesses in Cuba, hosting large conferences amongst unreached people groups, funding 7Star TV programs that broadcast across the Muslim world, responding to the medical needs of affected families in Pakistan, gathering interfaith leaders, resourcing missionaries with gospel media tools or ministering to a family in need within the United States.

Kingdom Partnership
Love Partnership

Love Partners

Love Partners support Leif’s assignment as the Ambassador of Love in the nations and enable Leif to respond to opportunities to advance the Kingdom. This may look like meeting with leaders of nations in crises, blessing a family in need, or helping Leif pursue health and wholeness.

Join the Eagle’s Circle

Eagle’s Circle partners are the backbone of Global Mission Awareness. Your partnership allows Leif to undertake new initiatives and expand existing programs.

Because of the support of our Eagle’s Circle, we are empowered and resourced to transform people and nations with the love of God.

Eagle’s Circle donors support Global Mission Awareness monthly in unrestricted amounts of $1,000 or more.


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Kingdom Family Testimonies


Just before opening our church, 8 years ago, the Lord told us to repair a medical clinic that belongs to the government of Cuba that is located in front of our church. So we went ahead and restored the clinic and added a beautiful garden. This act of love completely shifted the atmosphere in our community, which was full of witchcraft and darkness. We were setting up an environment where the Kingdom could come and invade our city by honoring these people.
As soon as we opened our church, the community readily accepted us and they were proud to call us their church. Heaven is invading Cuba, with joy instead of sadness, faith instead of fear, healing instead of pain, favor, provision... and LIGHT instead of darkness.

Yasser Rodriguez & Aki Serrano
Cuba, Jesus Christ King of the Nations


We have the following report from one of our networks alone: In the three years we have been working with them they have gone from 18 village churches to 300 village churches. These are scattered over the mountain ranges of the Himalayas. Most of them are in remote areas.
Since using our KFM training material, they have had 6500 new converts, most of them already baptized and attending one of the new churches. This kind of growth is a huge encouragement to all of us!

Benji and Daniela Morf
Thailand, Kingdom Family Multiplication


This is Shakeel Riaz and he had a terrible headache for two years. Eventually, the pain increased and felt like an electronic shock, so he went to the hospital and the X-rays diagnosed him with Trigeminal Neuralgia. One day he was watching a 7Star TV that talked about great miracles that Jesus did, so he called the number on the screen. He was in pain when he called the man of God and after receiving prayer, all the pain left. Jesus completely healed him! Now him and his wife and are following Jesus.

Marqus Fida
Pakistan, 7Star TV

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102 nations

impacted by the Father’s love

22 nations

operating in a family paradigm


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